About Norris’ Neon

Here is a link to an article the Florida Times-Union did on Norris Neon: Neon is certainly not dead in North Florida!

Norris’ Neon produces window and wall hangers (such as beer signs and other point of purchase signs), skeletal and outline lighting, neon clocks, neon art, cold cathode lighting, and neon for channel letters. We sell wholesale to the sign trade, we sell retail items to the public that do not require installation, and we do not install. Wholesale customers must have an established business and approved credit.

We also repair window and wall hangers, neon clocks, and neon art in our shop, and we provide replacement neon for channel letters, skeletal and outline lighting, and cold cathode lighting.

For new customers, we invite you to experience the ultimate in quality and service. To those that already depend on us, we truly value your business and look forward to maintaining your trust and confidence for many years to come.

A closer look at some very important details can assure the longevity and enjoyment of your customer’s investment in neon.

There is some really good business information on the United States Small Business Administration’s web site that explains why signage is important to a business. Many new businesses under estimate the impact that signage has on their business and therefore do not include as much money in their budget and business plan as they should. This reference can also help those established businesses that tend to overlook and under estimate the value that signage brings to their business.